Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aeries Gets Some Culture

Today Aeries didn't go to daycare so Grandpa got to spend the day with her. Grandpa and Aeries walked downtown Everett and, after stopping at Starbucks and Pave for some goodies, they toured the different sculptures in downtown Everett.

Everywhere Aeries looked she saw fascinating sculpture.

"Gigantic Red Butterfly"

"Salmon Swimming Up a Pole"

"Dancing Children"

To gain a true appreciation of "Dancing Children" you needed to
see it from both ends.

"Big Hunk o' Concrete"

"Big Pear" (Everett's answer to New York's Big Apple)

"I Don't Get It" (aka "If Those Flimsy Red Poles Snap
I'm a Goner"

"Child With Doggie" and of course right down the block....

"Ode to Doggie" (this one you had to feel to appreciate).

"Ode to Bicycle"

"Huge Yummy Chocolate Donut"

"Egg" (apparently vandals got to this one)

"Somebody's Leftover Car Parts Welded To The Top Of A
Large Brown Pole"

After our amazing tour we walked back home and took a 2-hour nap. Getting culture is sure a lot of work!


Donna and Jim said...

So so so funny. I love how she is pointing at most of them. I had no idea that Everett was so cultural these days. Who Knew...?

From TX to you said...

The "Ode to Doggie" one is priceless! I didn't know they had that much artwork either. Donna, we need to hang out in downtown Everett next time we meet up there!:)