Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dad turns threescore and ten.

"...Happy Birthday dear Daaaad, Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuu! (aaaand maaaanyyyy moooorrrre)."

Peanut thought the menu was superb. She had shrimp, mahi mahi, salmon, oyster crackers, and cheesecake - and a bottle on the way home.

Auntie Jenn, Aeries and Conner strolled in the Marina after dinner.

Playing 'dunk-the-parsley-in-the-water'.

We had a really nice evening. Family time sure is special time.

A five-generation span.

These two are good friends already. We can't wait to see what happens as the years roll by.

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Larry & Shirley said...

Looks like your dad had a really great birthday! And Aeries looks like she had a blast, too! I'm guessing you went to Anthony's. We've enjoyed going there a few times. Great food and great view!

Last weekend, I marathon-scrolled way down to the first post on your blog! Found Aeries when she was just a little baby and a photo of her and "mom." Was looking for a photo with "dad" in it, but didn't see one that was labeled as such. Perhaps there is one, but I didn't recognize it. -S.