Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aeries Goes to the 42nd Annual Family Reunion

On Saturday morning Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Aeries and I drove over to Bainbridge Island for the 42nd annual family reunion. It's really cool that we have been having a family reunion for 42 years now. I didn't get a lot of pictures since I was busy keeping track of the young'n but I ate a lot of good food, had a couple nice visits, and a chance to see everybody once again. I still can't remember everybody and how they all fit into the family picture but I think I've improved a little bit over the last 40 years.

Afterwards she slept from 6:30 Saturday eve to 9:15 Sunday morning - 14 hrs & 45 minutes - which totally obliterated the old record of around 10 hours.


Bonnie Scriba said...

Hi Lane! I was going through my favorites looking for something and spied your blog, so I just dropped in. Boy, the little one is sure growing....I am soooo jealous! Hope all is well with you. Pretty quiet in there at the office, huh? It looks like I have a job on the line. Talk to you soon. My home # 425/868-7835.
Bye Bonnie

Donna and Jim said...

I love the photo of you two on the ferry. Can't tell your related or anything ;-)