Sunday, November 2, 2008

Avery and Stacie's Wedding

On November 1, 2008 Avery and Stacie were married in Redmond, Wa. It was a very lovely ceremony and well attended by members of all sides of the family. Conner was the ring-bearer and Aeries was the flower girl....although she wasn't thrilled about it and had to carried down the aisle. LOL! Avery's best friend Jordan officiated the ceremony. Stacie's dress was stunning, their vows were beautiful, and it went off without a hitch, and so the happy couple begin married life together. And we couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter-in-law. We think Stacie is a really special girl.

The ceremony was short and the highlight might have been their lovely vows, which they wrote themselves and read to each other.

After 3 years together, married at last.

Their first joint endeavor as a married couple. Seemed to go smoothly.

A very bright future ahead for these three.

The bride with her grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Of course I'd like a slice. Why else would I be first in line!?

Sending them off in style.


Tami said...

What a wonderful celebration of happiness! Please send them our congratulations!

Shirley said...

Beautiful wedding! Best wishes to the newly-weds for many happy years together!

From TX to you said...

So happy for them! Congratulate them for us!:)

Gena Baker said...

Beautiful photos - thanks so much for sharing - I almost feel like I was there. Awesome bridal gown, too!