Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Trip to Eastern Washington

I went to Dryden for the day in early June...the 3rd...then finished the work I had to do on that side of the mountains later...on the 14th...after Dad's funeral. I was scheduled to go to Idaho the week of 14th, but I just couldn't bring myself to travel that far away from home so soon after losing Dad, so I shuffled my schedule and went to Chelan for a couple of days instead. That was easier for's closer to home and is very familiar territory to me. Also I felt like if something came up suddenly back home I could hop in the car and be back in 3 hours. That wasn't likely to happen but it made me feel better to be closer to Mom and everyone else. The pictures I took sort of sum up how my heart felt - and still feels.... a little bit empty, a little bit lonely. a little bit distant.


Deception Falls Park

Drury Falls

North of Wenatchee looking East

North of Skykomish

Earthquake Point

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