Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aeries And Grandma Rose Make Cookies

Grandma Rose invited Aeries to come over and help her make cookies. Aeries couldn't wait!!!

Driving to Grandma's house, Aeries talks about the coffeeshop's sign that somebody ran into, gets all the crumbs out of the french fry box, teaches Grandpa how to sing and dance, wonders how the chimney/Santa thing works, calls Grandpa a 'loggin' loco' (a train), looks for her fruit things, tells Grandpa to be 'brave of bees', discusses termites, and.....hi Grandma!!

Aeries serenaded us while the cookies were baking.

Nothing beats warm chocolate chip cookies.

Afterwards there was time to play some hide-and-seek.

Grandma Rose and a wiggling giggling blanket. Not sure where Aeries is.

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