Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Piano Lands In Our Lap

Recently I've been wishing we owned a piano. Not an electronic keyboard.... a real piano. There was always a piano in our house growing up and I've often thought it would be really nice to have one around.
A couple of weeks ago I was dropping of some things at the mailroom at work and I noticed a piano sitting near the loading dock. I asked somebody where it was headed and they told me it was headed for storage. The piano has been here in the building - most recently in an executive's office - for 20 years. In fact after I thought about it I realized that I've played my cello along with this piano a time or two over the years for holiday events!
I asked if it was for sale, they said it was and so we made a very reasonable offer. We also said we'd haul it away and I think that might have sealed the deal.
So we own a piano! And it's an Ivers and Pond!.

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