Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aeries Goes to a Sleepover

Aeries had her first sleepover away last weekend and she had a blast. She spent the night with her friends (and cousins) Emily and Jonathan! Thank you to E&J's Mommy for taking and sharing such awesome pictures!
The next day the kids (and parents) went to the Pacific Science Center to celebrate Emily and Jonathan's birthdays. What an action packed weekend!



When we picked Aeries up that night it was all drama and tears because it had been such a big day (fun, fun, fun!!). She fell asleep in the car halfway home and barely moved a muscle as we carried her into her bedroom, changed her into pajamas, and tucked her in. She was one tired and happy girl.

....and the next day they got to sit and play together at Special Meeting!!!

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G+I+kids said...

Yes, that was a fun weekend. Thank you again for letting Aeries spend the weekend with us. These will be forever memories. It's good that the happy moments are remembered, and the drama and tears moments are forgotten by these little ones. Emily just asked me today why can't we see Aeries more often. So she already misses her. Give her a hug for Emily!