Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Kid Kave

Ever since we bought this home several years ago, I've wanted to convert the 'shed' - the little room off of the garage - into something we could use. Wood paneled and only haphazardly painted it was a room begging for some attention.

We moved some furniture in there so people could sit down but other than a couch and a couple chairs it was mostly used for storage. Our cat lived in it for a couple of years (at that time it was known as "Lily's apartment").

Well, then one day something happened. Aeries (and us) decided that it would be a great place for kids to hang out. Clean it up, fix it up, and make it nice. Aeries and Papa moved all the junk out of it into the garage, and started giving it a good cleaning with the Shop Vac.

And the rest is history! Here are pictures of what we've been doing..

Art Break!

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