Friday, December 14, 2007

Conner makes a mid-week visit

Conner was here on Wednesday for an overnight visit. It was fun. Five-year olds never stop moving and asking questions.

We have some little koosh balls that Conner found fascinating. He tossed those around all over the place.

It was raining all day so we went to the pet store, went for pizza and to meeting, and then hit the sack at a decent hour cuz it was a school night!


Tami & Vilnis said...

You are lucky to have such great company- he looks like he's a great entertainer :) Koosh balls are 'good times'.

Mike, Traci and boys said...

I like how you did that picture with just a hint of some color. You are lucky to re-live your 2nd childhood through Connor and Aeries!:)