Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007 Megapost

We had both the kids and their significant others and Aeries here on Christmas morning. It was a wonderful start to the day. It even snowed a little bit!

Showing off one of her new outfits to Grandma. These two always look like they know something I don't.

She's getting the hang of this present opening thing. Didn't take her long at all!

Aeries gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Aeries patiently waiting for her next present.

The Elmo walker was a present from Daddy, and Aeries loved it. I think the big blue UFO's days are about over.

Showing off one of her new outfits to Grandpa.

Showing off one of her new outfits to Aunt Kelsey.

The whole gang!

We had dinner with Sylvia's family. Prime rib, roast turkey, garlic mashed potatoes with 2 kinds of gravy, cranberry sauce, yummy green salad, and amazingly delicious bread pudding with brandy sauce for dessert. I ate so much I thought I was gonna bust.

Syl's mom and dad, Wanda and Steve Senteney.

B-RAD checking the prime rib for plateworthiness.

Syl and Wanda.

Janet and Allie.

Chris, Lori, Syl and Wanda putting the finishing touches on a fabulous meal.

Tip: Always keep one eye on your phone while filling your plate.

Chris' girls Nicole, Lana, Sarah.... and Syl.

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From TX to you said...

Great pictures! Love Aeries little red and black jacket! That girl is stylin'!