Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LOL Kitty

OK, so there's these things called LOL Kittys. There are LOL Bunnys, LOL Walruses, LOL Mice, etc etc etc. Anyway, what you do is get a picture of a cat, or bunny, or walrus, - normally whichever animal the web site features - and you stick on a caption to make it funny. Remember that animals don't spell very well and have very poor grammar.

You can make your own from scratch, use somebody else's picture, or just read what other people create. We've created a few but I guess they've never thought any of ours were good enough to put up for a vote (1-5 cheezburgers). One of them is over on the left and it features our very own Lily and Scooter ("HALP").

The site we always check out is (because cats love cheezburgers). We keep our favorites for a screensaver. Here are a few of them....

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