Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aeries Is Almost 1 !

Aeries' daycare photo. What a beautiful girl! She will be 1 on March 15 !!

Aeries playing spin-the-bottle with herself.

As soon as she perfects her juggling we're gonna buy her a unicycle.

"Look Grandma, I washed my tongue. Did I do good?"

"Polka-dots make me happy!"

"Mmmmm. This Gerber blueberry oat glop really scores a touchdown!"

"This assortment of plastic kitchen utensils really scores a touchdown!"

"This clean diaper really scores a touchdown!"


Donna and Jim said...

I love the daycare photo. So serious. She is so beautiful!

From TX to you said...

Happy (early) birthday to Miss Aeries! We're headed out on a camping trip tomorrow, so hugs from us on her big day!