Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aeries and Conner Spend the Night

Aeries and Conner get along so well... It's really fun to watch them play together. Conner is very kind and patient with her and she thinks everything Conner does is first-rate. Last night we brought out Conner's toy buckets, and Aeries really thought she had hit the jackpot. She was playing so hard and having so much fun that she was literally sticky with sweat. They played full-speed ahead until lights out...and when it was lights out BOOM, they were both asleep in a hurry!

Aeries' pink pedal car is almost ready for painting so this weekend we let her take it for a 'test drive'. She gave a very strong positive reaction to it and even pounded her hands on the hood a few times (similar to big-people kicking the tires I guess).


Donna and Jim said...

I love the little car. Looks like she is going to really love it. Watch out when she turns 16.

Tami & Vilnis said...

It's so cute how she and Connor have bonded. It will be fun to watch them both grow up through all of your pictures! Keep 'em coming!