Friday, April 4, 2008



Larry & Shirley said...

Thought I'd stop by and say "hi" while enjoying more cute photos! :)
Also, I've been looking at Traci & Mike's blog. They look familiar, and I'm sure we remember them from when they lived in WA (but it's been several years)....and they're related to Joanie Fryer (with whom we went to meeting with at Stephensons' some years ago). I'm thinking Traci is her daughter, but not 100% sure! (And is Tami the other daughter? Or is it Mike that's actually related?) Guess I'll have to check in with them, too! -Shirley

From TX to you said...

Hi Shirley! Just saw your comment! Yes, I'm Joani's daughter (Traci). Tami is my sister. She is married to Vilnis but they no longer get out to meeting. My husband Mike and I live in the Houston area now. Feel free to visit our blog.:)
Oh, and Lane, I love the bug! What is that website again where you find all those? We had such a laugh one night looking at them!