Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pink Pedal Car Update

Saturday was a warm day and so Syl put several coats of clearcoat gloss on the pedal car. Once it had dried we started putting on the stickers. That was the fun part!! I put the whole thing back together tonight, and now we are at the touch-up point....tightening screws and finding a windshield (or fixing the broken one that we have) a hubcap and a steering wheel medallion (I think we'll probably end up making those ourselves). We'll let you know when it's 100% complete and Aeries is taking it for a spin. Might be a few months yet!


From TX to you said...

Oh that is way too cute! The princess needs a cute little plastic vase with a flower too for her dash board!:)

DLJM said...

Love the Pedal Car!!! Someone is going to be very very happy with that present!

Fun to find your blog too Lane and Sylvia! It's such a fun way to keep up with friends and family.

Tell Jeff hey at lunch tomorrow!