Monday, August 11, 2008

Darrington, Wa

I drove to Darrington today for work and once again I was amazed at how beautiful it is there. It's one of my favorite little towns. I think most people consider Darrington a 'hic' town - and I think it used to be and maybe still is in some ways - but there are some really nice homes all along the 40-mile drive between Arlington and Darrington, and also downtown. Not a single trailer house. Well, maybe one......but it was well kept up and had indoor plumbing. Oh, and the first thing you pass inside the city limits is the cemetery. But other than that....

I can vouch for the fishing there. Several years ago while fishing the Sauk River down by the mill, my brother Kevin caught a beautiful Steelhead with an earthworm.... by accident! We were fishing for Dollys when lo-and-behold a Steelhead decided to join the party. I've got a really nice picture of that somewhere. Mt. Whitehorse rises majestically 6303 feet above downtown Darrington, dressed with one of the lowest elevation glaciers within the continental U.S. I snapped this phone-pic from right outside the downtown central office today. Imagine looking up at this from your front yard every morning.

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Donna and Jim said...

Lane, so sorry I missed you at Milltown. I saw you walk by but I was deep in conversation and I thought I would see you again but didn't. I hope the house buying is going ok. Harold was telling us about it.