Friday, April 3, 2009

Bayview, Idaho

This is one of the towns where I am auditing this week. Isn't this a gorgeous spot in the road? This is Lake Pend Orielle (pronounced Ponderey). It is the deepest lake in North America - about 3 miles deep. The Navy tests submarines / sonar here. That's a Navy structure floating out on the water. The big grey building on the right is also a Navy building.
There are lots and lots of houseboats all along the bay. You can see some of them on the lower left.
There is no cell phone service, and whitetails roam the streets at night. Last year they had to shoot a moose that was roaming around town and sticking his head in peoples' windows.

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NadineB said...

Beautiful country! I have family roots in Ponderay (near Sandpoint), but I've never been to Bayview. Looks like a georgeous place to visit!