Monday, April 6, 2009

Harrison, Idaho

This is where I was auditing last evening and all day today. It's about an hour's drive from my motel. Their claim to fame is a 72-mile paved bike trail. Yesterday afternoon I took the long way and made lots of stops and took pictures. This morning I took the shorter route and then after work I took a backroad and kind of drove around aimlessly for a while taking pictures.

Looking back at I-90 on the way to Harrison.

Population 267. Seriously.

Harrison's exciting North End.

Not a lot of boats this time of year.

Probably the coolest gas pump I've ever seen.

Ospreys are everywhere. They build huge nests on top of poles... telephone poles for example. This guy was kind enough to sit still while I zoomed in.

Good thing they tied off! And notice the yellow raincoat hanging over the rail. Weird, huh?

Apparently nobody told Eddie that the only thing more dangerous than a moose is a drunk moose.

Goodnight from Idaho

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Shirley said...

Enjoyed your photos! We were in Harrison the summer of 2007--we rode our bikes there on the trail from a state park campground. Very beautiful scenery! Also, we enjoyed some great ice cream! :)