Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aeries Month by Month (March 2007 - Aug 2010)

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G+I+kids said...

Wow, this is quite something that you had this patience to do this. It is so neat to see her "growing chart". She is pretty at any stage, and such a happy little girl. Even if I have never met her, it seems I know her so well, now I really look forward to see her in person. Emily said she wanted to meet her too and she was excited that she is the same age with her.

Lane and Sylvia said...

We were just sitting here talking about it and saying that it would be great to get the kids/us together some time in September perhaps the weekend of the 11th. If that doesn't work for you we could pick another time but we definitely want to do it. Talk to you soon!
Lane and Sylvia

G+I+kids said...

Yes, we really want to get together. I think that weekend works for us too. If we don't meet at Milltown today, we'll call you.