Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aeries Spends the Weekend

It's been a while since I did an "Aeries Spends the Weekend' post (at least a month) so it's definitely time for one!

Jumping for no reason, but who needs a reason!?

We're having a picnic in the front yard!

She looks so grown up in this picture.

Not awake yet.

LOL I'm so silly. I got pancake batter on my foot. LOL

Driving the remote control Thomas the Train.

Pink water socks!

I might grow a set of fins by the time this weekend is over.

Um, excuse me?

She's definitely got the hang of it.

I love it when Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Dillon come over!!!

Got my scumscream on and I'm ready to swim!
She wouldn't eat so we told her the reason you get 4 mcnuggets is you get 1 for each arm and 1 for each leg. She'd eaten 2 at this point and she was checking to see if her arms were any bigger yet.

Happiness is a full tummy and playing in the pool on a hot day.

Watering the chair

Grandma Syl gives great foot rides!

Exhausted and ready for bed but still smiling.

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