Monday, December 27, 2010

Aeries Bounces on Her Indoor Trampoline


Deena said...

I've been following and enjoying the blogs and videos about your little Miss Aeries for a few months and just have to say that the indoor trampoline is the *perfect* gift for that bundle of energy that is your granddaughter!
She's got to be one of the cutest little ladies I've ever seen and I'm safe in saying that because my grandkids are all boys and of course, they're the cutest boys around ;-D

One thing I'm curious about is your excellent stealth video skills...HOW do you take such great ones without her seeming to be aware that she's being filmed?!

BTW, I remember your folks from when I was young and you may recall mine, Warren & Myra Foster...I'm their second daughter.

Looking forward to the next Aeries episode...

Lane and Sylvia said...

Deena -
Thanks for checking in, sneaky person, and yeah she is pretty sweet.
I think she usually knows when she's on video. I take lots of pictures and videos so she's pretty used to it. Sometimes I am sneaky and set the camera down while it's on and see what happens but usually I have it in my hand (one of my favorite videos of her happened that way... in fact I didn't know what she had done until I watched it later).
Keep in touch - if you are on FB look me up..