Monday, December 20, 2010

Aeries in December

Aeries is having a really fun December. She is all tuned in to the lights, the music, the warmth, the excitement and she has been a really really sweet girl as it's been a lot of fun for all three of us.

"Are deez for meeeeeee?"

Making something yummy with play-doh for Grandma Syl to enjoy ("don't woe-ey Gwama, iss juss petend").

We drove around the neighborhood and looked at all the Christmas lights. She insisted on taking her "gunnoculars" (and a blanket and a stuffed animal).

Watching "How Duh Gwinch Stoad Quissmas"

Playing with trains. In other words a 'normal' afternoon.

Wearing a big smile. She does this a lot.

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