Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aeries Has Her First Sleepover

Aeries had her first sleepover this weekend. After a day at the zoo (see post below), Emily stayed the night and spent all of Sunday with Aeries.

The girls put ribbons and bows in their hair and asked me to 'judge' their fashion show. I deemed it a tie.

The girls ate ice cream in the tent and watched 'Angelina Ballerina' till later than they should have.

This is what staying up too late and getting up too early looks like.

Getting ready for Sunday morning meeting.

Getting ready for Sunday morning meeting is very dramatic.

woo hoo the spinny chair!!


G+I+kids said...

Awww these are such precious pictures. Some of them are hilarious. I loved to see what going to bed late and waking up early was like, lol! And I loved the two similar ponny tails. All pics are great! E&A were two spoiled little girls this weekend. Thank you guys again for having Emily over and doing all this. We look forward to get together more and have A. here too some day.

Traci K said...

Fun that these two are so close in age and good buddies. Precious memories!